Q: Do you ship internationally ?
A: YES! Please be aware of your country’s restrictions, however. Some BatBoxes will contain non-perishable food items.
Q: Can I try one box, without subscribing?
A:BatBox is subscription only and auto-renews each month, but cancelling is hassle free and always in your control in your account settings.
Q: Why do I pay separate shipping?
A: Long story short, it saves YOU money for shipping to be separate rather than included in the box price!
Q: When will I get my first box? 
A: You will be notified via e-mail with a tracking number when your box ships. Depending on when you signed up, you may receive the following month’s box. You must sign up ten days before the 1st to get the next box. For example, if you would like to get the April Box, you need to sign up ten days before the first of April. If you sign up later, you will  receive the May Box.
Q: When do I get charged? 
A: Month to Month is charged for the first box upon subscribing. After you are subscribed, billing is on the 1st of every month and auto renews until you cancel. Six Month Pre-pay is charged 6 months upon subscribing and auto renews every six months until you cancel.
Q: How do I update my address, credit card info, etc? 
A: Go to our homepage and log in to your account where you can edit all of your information at your convenience.
Q: Can I cancel? 
A: Yes, you can cancel at any time. If you decide to cancel after being billed, you will still receive the box you have already paid for.
Q: What is your refund policy? 
A: Month to month subscribers can request a refund for the current month if they have been billed and their box has not yet shipped. Billing occurs on the 1st and shipping occurs on the 12th. Six month pre-pay subscribers may cancel and request a refund if their first box has not yet shipped.
Q: Are there real bats in the box? 
A: Nope, just lots of bat paraphernalia!